OtterSpot Wireless Charging Base by Otterbox




Set yourself up for success with a solid base. OtterSpot Wireless Charging Base brings fast, expandable wireless charging to your home and office. Powered by USB-C Power Delivery for 36 watts of power, OtterSpot delivers high-speed charging. Designed to blend in, OtterSpot becomes your central location for charging your phone. Expand your OtterSpot system with up to three batteries to keep everyone fully charged.

  • Stackable Wireless Charging Base —stack up to three Wireless Charging Batteries on one Wireless Charging Base.
  • Works with Apple, Samsung, Google and other Qi Wireless enabled phones.
  • LED displays charging status.
  • Anti-slip surface on top and bottom holds phone in place during charging and keeps charging base gripped to surface.
  • Up to 10-watt fast charge.
  • Works with most phone cases

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